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Kevin is our first business intern and currently seeking to develop a language learning program as part of his business management program at Northwest University.  I am proud to have hired and taken him in as an intern.  Please see his below message.

IMG_2239Hello, Everyone. My name is Kevin Chiu, and I am from Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese is my first language. I can also read and write in Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.  I am interested in helping children to learn more and study more in Chinese. I would like to help your children to learn Chinese.
Thank you
Kevin Chiu  More Info Click Here

Traditional – 您好,家長們。我的名字叫Kevin Chiu, 我是從台灣來的。中文是我的第一語言。我可以說還有寫中文。幫助小孩子們學更多的中文。我很樂意幫助您的小孩學中文。

Simplified – 您好,家长们。我的名字叫Kevin Chiu, 我是从台湾来的。中文是我的第一语言。我可以说还有写中文。帮助小孩子们学更多的中文。我很乐意帮助您的小孩学中文。

— Icelandic —

Arnar Hauksson is our Cultural Tourism Agent for Iceland.  Seattle is one of the few places in the world with strong ties to Iceland.  If you are planning on visiting Iceland for business purposes or vacation, please contact us.  See below message for more on Arnar.

IMG_2240 Hello, I am Arnar Hauksson. I am a native of Reykjavik and speak fluent Icelandic.  I am familiar with tourism guidance, local customs and general business practices in Iceland.  I’m glad to assist with Icelandic commerce either here in the U.S. or in Iceland.

Halló, ég er Arnar Hauksson . Ég er innfæddur maður ur Reykjavík og tala íslensku . Ég þekki siði og almenna viðskiptahætti á Íslandi . Ég er spenntur að aðstoða við íslenska verslun annaðhvort hér í Bandaríkjunum eða á Íslandi .

Takk fyrir – Thank you,
Arnar Hauksson


–United States–


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