About: Idea Threads

Idea Threads is focused on bringing the next step to multicultural engagement in organizations, and strategic business efficiency. You may already have an appreciation for diversity, knowledge of international business and awareness for global cultures. Working cross culturally and knowing how to apply different cultural approaches is the next step beyond awareness and race concerns.

We provide training services to individuals, “glocal” businesses, and enterprise organizations exposed to international activities.  By guiding people with ideas about culture, people can connect themselves and their organizations to global understanding and have better Cultural Intelligence (CQ) which can result in better team dynamics and productivity.

Idea Threads also guides business operations improvement using Lean/Kaizen methodologies.  Services include ideation, process flow mapping, strategic design, and business planning.

Cross cultural education is provided based on approaches in researched cultural dimensions, American Ethnic studies, instructional design methods, and community development practices.

THE PRINCIPAL:dc_profile

Devin I. Cabanilla MBA

Devin’s focus is on solutions to intercultural issues, business operations, and increasing knowledge on multicultural history.  He has 10 years of experience working in finance, healthcare, and operations improvement methods.  He has 5 years of professional experience in organizational education and training.

-speaks Japanese and Iloko dialect conversationally
-currently holds MBA in International Business & Project Management from Northwest University
-post grad MA studies in International Community Development

Posts are  about ideas, concepts, & personal research interests. Devin’s  interests range from business operations, systems thinking, historical detective work, theology, leadership concepts and multicultural impacts.


You can reach Devin at info@ideathreads.net, or fill out the above contact form.


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