Idea Reading in Powerpoint

Have you ever read whole paragraphs during a meeting in powerpoint slides?

Powerpoint for business training and graduate presentations is part of my daily work. Communication in business is extremely important but sometimes poorly executed.   Far too often my colleagues make slides that are used as their speaking solely points.  They do not use slides to convey ideas.

When people get storytime in a professional setting, they will fall asleep to your ideas.

See example of an extreme idea reading slide:


1. If all information is present on a slide they don’t need notes and will present better speaking from the screen.

2. Others are fearful that too little information won’t show enough work was done.

3. As such a wordy slide can become a crutch. Presenting in front of groups for business, academic, or public settings can be scary. The PPT can become a place for support.

4. There exists a plain ignorance of how to use PPT communicating in general.

5. Communicating ideas is not understood as a method.

Don’t do it.

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