New Logo Final Poll

  Idea Threads is in the process of designing a new logo! Thanks for the initial feedback on social media! Our designer Jason from JOCO Websites started us off with 10 logos.  We reduced down to 4.  Now we are at our final 3. You can participate on the final poll at this link.

2014 FANHS Conference – RECAP

I represented FANHS Seattle and NU at the beautiful Kona Kai Resort in San Diego last week. It was a privilege and amazing fulfillment of blessing and academic work to share new history research there. On a bright tropical day I walked into a conference room to show recently uncovered archive images I’d curated. I […]

A Brief Global History of Kaizen Development

How do the first supermarkets, a fabric weaver, and losing WWII create the Toyota Production System (TPS)? The Kaizen or Lean system of management has expanded beyond the Toyota Motor Corporation. TPS and Kaizen’s roots should not be singularly attributed to one person or one country.  Although refined in Japan, the concepts of Kaizen stem from Western ideas and business […]

Present With Visual Movement

An excellent presentation platform is Prezi.  It allows for sharing information in a visual dynamic manner. My primary points when being a speaker with visuals are as follows in no particular order: 1. Keep the audience’s interest. 2. Use more imagery than text. 3. Text in presentations should be minimal, and BIG when it is used. […]

Intangible Business Objectives: Getting Seattle an NBA Team

“We put Seattle’s best foot forward.” -Chris Hansen Why is money not important in business objectives? Objectives of some enterprises are not always profit-driven.  Bidding on the Sacramento Kings to become the new Seattle Supersonics is a good case to look back on. Chris Hansen is a billionaire hedge fund manager who knows about strategy, […]

Idea Reading in Powerpoint

IDEA READING IN PPT Have you ever read whole paragraphs during a meeting in powerpoint slides? Powerpoint for business training and graduate presentations is part of my daily work. Communication in business is extremely important but sometimes poorly executed.   Far too often my colleagues make slides that are used as their speaking solely points.  They do not use […]